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C2 Education

C2 Education

C2 Education was founded over 20 years ago in a Harvard University dorm room by David Kim and Jim Narangajavana. Nowadays, they have a complete management team, similar to that of any U.S. corporation in scope. C2 Education is a college admissions counseling firm that focuses on test prep, tutoring for young learners and college counseling. It has 180 centers in 15 states as well as a presence in British Colombia, Canada. It is such a large organization that it works with 14,000 students every week and claims to achieve 6,000 dream college acceptances annually and $45 million in annual scholarships.

About Company

C2 Education differs from most college admissions organizations because of its focus on summer programs, including the SAT Boot Camp, ACT Boot Camp, AP Exam Boot Camp, and Book Boot Camp. It also offers middle school and elementary school tutoring, which is generally not offered by most college consulting companies. The large size of the organization and services allows it to hit a wide demographic. Its camps for youth make it able to target markets in areas that a typical college admissions organization would be unable to reach. However, this large size of C2 Education is also the largest shortcoming of the organization because it creates the feeling of a large and impersonal corporation, rather than a consultancy that provides personalized assistance. Its need for a corporate culture seems to supersede the need for a tailored approach to client management. Nonetheless, it remains a large player on the market in many different U.S. states.

C2 Education Score

C2 Education Review

C2 Education scores a 5 in reputation because its 193 independent third-party reviews affirm its strong brand across the United States, providing a competitive advantage over other firms in the industry. It receives a 2 in results, because not much is known about their results. It receives a 0 in quality of the team with no former college admissions officers and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge with zero years of former college admission officer experience amongst its staff. Alternatively, it receives a 4 in the size of the team, with a team of 13 consultants. It receives a 3 in web presence, receiving an organic Google ranking of 46. It receives a 3 as an educational influencer with 91 YouTube subscribers and 902 Twitter followers. Overall, C2 Education receives a score of 2.57.

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