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Quad Education

Quad Education is a New York City-based college consulting company. It offers college consulting programs for aspiring college students, starting from Grade 6 to prepare for the college admissions process. It also offers test prep, consulting on how to access scholarships, medical school consulting, transfer student consulting, nursing school admissions consulting, and a large number of free videos, quizzes, cheat sheets, blogs, guides, case studies, and tools to help students and parents navigate the college admissions process.

About Company

According to its site, Quad Education’s team of admissions experts and its data-driven, methodical, yet personalized approach ensures the best results for applicants. According to its website, Quad Education’s experts have attended top schools, have served on admissions committees, and have years of experience working with applicants. Its website indicates admissions outcomes that are significantly higher than the national average. It also shows acceptance letters and has several videos of former clients and parents who have successfully navigated the college admissions process with Quad Education. Additionally, it offers several webinars on different college admissions and test prep topics. Moreover, it includes a list of several companies where former clients of Quad Education currently work, including Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain and Company, McKinsey and Co., Tesla, Boston Consulting, and other reputable firms.

Quad Education Score

Quad Education Review

Quad Education receives a 4 in web presence, receiving a third-page Google organic search result. It receives a 1 in reputation with no known verified reviews. It receives a 5 in results with its high rates of college acceptance. It receives a strong showing of 4 in the quality of the team (14 former college admissions officers) and the size of team (41 total consultants), reflecting the fact that their team is large and has many years of relevant college admissions experience at top-tier colleges. It receives a 5 in combined institutional knowledge with 47 years of combined industry experience. It receives a 1.5 as a social media influencer with 0 Twitter followers and 407 YouTube subscribers. Overall, Quad Education receives a score of 3.5 across all categories.

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