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About The Best College Admissions Consultant

About Us

A college admissions consultant can provide a strategy to purposefully choose a major, strategically select colleges, beef up essays, and implement a financial aid strategy. In fact, many of the top college admissions advisors have experience working in the admissions offices of top U.S. colleges, providing them with an in-depth perspective into the college admissions process, and putting them in a perfect position to advise on college application’s do’s and don’ts.


Therefore, tapping into the knowledge of a college admissions consultant or college admissions coach can propel applicants to gain top admissions spots. If you can afford these services, a student can generally only gain from an expert’s insight carefully scrutinizing your applications. However, using college admissions consulting does not guarantee admissions to any particular college.


Families must understand that the college admissions process, though highly competitive, can be unpredictable, randomized, and arbitrary at times. A perfect application at one college may be considered a poor application at another college and vice versa. Additionally, the admission’s outcome can be centered around the subjective opinion of the person assigned to review the application.


Nonetheless, a college admissions coach can provide insight on each college’s unique decision-making process and make an applicant’s application stand out, as different colleges demand a slightly different student. For instance, one college may focus on selecting students displaying positive social change, while another may focus solely on inclusion and diversity.

Using college admissions consulting is much easier said than done because many college admissions consulting firms charge astronomical fees for their services and it’s difficult to independently verify results. Also, many of the best firms providing these services operate on a national scale, meaning they do not have locations across many parts of the country. Rather, they work online so that they can best serve their national and international clients.


The negative aspect of this is that many parents are reluctant to pay large sums of money to online consultants, who may not make good on their promises. Hence, our site is designed to help families navigate the process in selecting a college consulting company, and provide the necessary data to help select a college consultant.


Our rankings page gives potential clients the ability to view statistics across seven areas, so they can find the firm that best meets their needs. Additionally, our resources page links to other outside websites that can provide assistance in test prep, essay writing, minority acceptance, financial aid, and a better understanding of the college admissions process. The FAQ section provides up-to-date answers to commonly asked questions about the college admissions process.

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