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Do you just provide college admissions rankings?

Yes, our organization only provides a breakdown of college admissions rankings across seven key categories. As previously mentioned, this data should be considered in conjunction with a potential client’s financial situation, intended academic goals, and other factors to provide applicants with some background information to hire a college admissions advisor. Our ranking system merely simplifies the process.

How to email a college admissions counselor?

A college admissions counselor can be emailed or contacted by examining the websites of college admissions consulting firms. Generally, most companies offer a free online consultation, which provides an opportunity to meet a college admissions counselor and start the process. We encourage all potential clients to engage with different college admissions consulting companies of their choice to compare prices, package deals, customer service, and other services.

Are college admissions consultants worth it?

This is a difficult question to objectively answer. As gaining college acceptance and paying for college is becoming increasingly challenging, a college admissions advisor can assist. However, the cost of a top college admissions consultant is high. Therefore, for those with the financial ability to afford a consultant, hiring a college admissions consultant does increase their chances for admission in most cases. Having a third party take a look at their applications can eliminate many common mistakes. Students can improve their essays, test scores, and better strategize on college and major selection. Thus, hiring a college admissions consultant can become an excellent long-term investment. For instance, if a college admissions coach helps students gain Ivy League admissions or admissions to another top college, their losses could be offset by future earnings. Nonetheless, as previously stated, hiring a college admissions consultant does not guarantee admissions to top colleges, which has become increasingly competitive. As each applicant is unique, it is difficult to make any promises. In short, we feel that good college admissions consultants can provide good value to their clients, but people should manage their expectations.

Do I need to work with a college admissions counselor near me?

No. The majority of college admissions counselors work online as their clients are spread out amongst domestic and international locations. Therefore, these counselors are trained in providing assistance to students in a virtual environment. However, there are some particular geographic areas in the United States, such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and other large cities, which host a plethora of different college consulting firms. It is strictly up to the client whether to work locally or on an online platform. Both of these approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Also, it is worth considering that if a student wants to work with a former University of Chicago admissions officer, for instance, they may not find that individual locally. They might be forced to work remotely as this individual lives in another geographic location. Hence, it could be more productive to tap into a larger firm that works nationwide versus locally. Ultimately, the important thing is for a student to receive top-quality advice on maximizing their college acceptance potential in a comfortable and affordable way for the client.

Do college admissions consultants guarantee entrance into my top school?

No. There are no guarantees. Generally, if any college admissions consultant makes any promises, this should put up red flags. A college admissions consultant can merely offer services such as strengthening your application, helping with editing and writing, and offering a more strategized approach. The school’s admissions committee will ultimately have the final say as to whether you get accepted or not.

Are college admissions consulting services a scam?

We do not believe it is fair to characterize college admissions consulting services as a scam. Certainly, there are companies that provide sub-par services for an astronomical cost and some clients may feel as if they were scammed, especially if they don’t get into their top choices. Also, the industry is broad. There are college admissions firms working online and overseas. It is likely that many of these firms provide an unsatisfactory service. Hence, our ranking system helps parents and students avoid scams, misunderstandings, and conflicts, while maintaining realistic expectations.

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