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The Resources page will help applicants prepare for the college admissions process, particularly in test prep, essay writing and editing, minority acceptance, financial aid, and a better understanding of the college admissions process. Nowadays, all applicants must have a clear plan to finance their education, housing, and food.


All applicants should also have an understanding of diversity as colleges are increasingly demanding diversity among their new applicant pools. The resources below will help provide a competitive advantage to college applicants, which in tandem with a college admissions coach will make them competitive in the process.

College Board

College Board is a non-profit organization that offers many resources, including a scholarship search, college search, search by major and career, higher education searches, and opportunity scholarships. It also offers test prep resources, strategies, practice tests, and materials. Additionally, it offers support and resources for college-bound students to excel in AP classes. College Board also serves the education community through research and advocacy on behalf of students, educators, and schools.

Common App

Common App is a non-profit designed to help students navigate the college admissions process. It offers a breakdown of 900 colleges on its websites, breaking them down according to different search criteria, such as which institutions accept transfer students. Additionally, it helps them apply to college, research financial aid and scholarships, and connect to college counseling resources. The goal of the organization is to lower the logistical and systemic barriers to college access.


This organization is a collective of 23,000 college admissions professionals who have united to help students achieve their academic goals. The website is a good source for trends in the college admissions process because industry professionals share ideas and network through this platform. It also offers college fairs where students can learn more about different colleges nationwide. Further, it provides information about making college more accessible through financial aid and providing a detailed understanding of the admissions process.

Coalition For College Access

This is a coalition of over 150 colleges that have united to make college more accessible, inclusive, and affordable. It provides workshops on successfully navigating the college admissions process. Also, it offers free, online college planning for students, starting from ninth-grade students, to prepare them for the admissions process. Through the website, you can connect with industry specialists to gain advice and insight on the college admissions process

GRE Testing

This website can prepare students for taking the GRE test, an exam required for many graduate programs. It offers sample questions and tests, math assistance, verbal reasoning explanations, problem-solving support, and help in data interpretation. The website also offers videos, books, and services that can help push students to the next level of their academic careers.


The GMAT is the test required to pursue an MBA. This website provides support for navigating the GMAT exam, including test prep materials, test locations, practice tests, sample questions, and other support. The website also offers a comprehensive database of different MBA programs in different locations. Further, it provides help writing letters of recommendation, admissions interviews, obtaining financial aid, and writing admissions essays. It also offers events to provide information about different MBA programs and schools.


AIGAC provides insight and transparency into the graduate admissions process and promotes ethical standards and professional development among its members and stakeholders worldwide. It provides assistance in gaining graduate acceptance, such as advice on writing letters of recommendation, test prep, and school deadlines. However, it provides help primarily to educators on how to drive students through the graduate admissions process. It also has a database where students can find college admissions consultants in different locations.

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