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Abby Siegel

Abby Siegel

Abby Siegel is a New York City and Nashville-based admissions consultancy, founded by Abby Siegel in 2006. Abby Siegel works with worldwide students to help them navigate the college admissions process. The firm’s services include editing applications and college essays, interview prep, evaluation of transcripts and curriculum planning, evaluating extracurricular activities, financial aid and scholarship assistance, and helping students meet their college deadlines.

About Company

Abby Siegel offers both incremental packages and full packages to clients depending on their academic goals and financial resources. She looks to identify colleges that are the “right fit” for candidates. She offers consulting in person in Nashville and the New York Tri-state area, while working virtually with her other nationwide and international clients. Judging from the website, Abby Siegel is the only known employee of her firm as there are no other employees listed.


Abby Siegel also offers a few services rarely offered, including art portfolio development, assistance for students with learning disabilities, music and film major consulting, student-athlete recruitment guidance, gap year planning, and assistance attending college abroad. Abby Siegel prides herself on having visited hundreds of colleges in person across the United States, giving her an edge on other players in the sector.

Abby Siegel Score

Abby Siegel Review

Abby Siegel’s best score is a 4 in web presence, with an organic Google ranking of 12. However, it scores poorly in reputation, receiving a 1 because no independent third-party reviews could be found. It receives a 1 in the quality of the team, with only one former college admissions officer. Additionally, it receives a 1 in the size of the team, with only one current college consultant. In combined institutional knowledge, it receives a 1 with a mere 1 year of college admission officer experience among its team. As an educational influencer, it receives a 1 with 0 YouTube subscribers and 100 Twitter followers. Further, Abby Siegel receives a 2 in results as little is known in this category.


Combined, it receives a 1.57 score across all areas.

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