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Accepted is a Los Angeles-based college consulting firm that was founded in 1994 by Linda Abraham. She states that she has developed a methodology to evaluate whether applicants fit the programs they want to pursue and how to stand out among other qualified applicants. Her goal is to help applicants tell their story in a persuasive way, highlighting the specifics and achievements that make somebody a compelling and distinctive candidate. She indicates that she has assembled a stellar team of former admissions committee members and experienced consultants with strong editing skills.

About Company

Accepted promises to let clients benefit from the expertise, experience, and dedication of the Accepted team. They claim to have enabled thousands of students to achieve their academic dreams in their nearly three decades in business. Accepted offers admissions consulting services for MBA programs, medical school, law school, grad school, and undergraduate programs. Their former admissions consultants offer exceptional writing skills, mentorship, and constructive criticism about each client’s application, according to information on the website.


Accepted provides many free resources, including articles, blog posts, webinars, guides, and podcast episodes to help interested parties and market the firm’s services. The founder is a host of the Admissions Straight Talk podcast, which has garnered significant publicity. For high school students, they offer a Complete College Application Package, Common and UC Application Packages, admissions consulting, essay editing, final application check, waitlist packages, and rejection review. For law school, medical school, MBA, and grad school, they also offer similar services that can be purchased as a package or individually.

Accepted Score

Accepted Review

It receives a 3 in web presence with a fifth-page Google organic search result. It receives a perfect score of 5 in reputation with 246 verified third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results because they are largely unknown. It receives a 4 in the quality of the team with 12 former college admissions officers. It receives a 4 in size of the team with 20 college consultants. It receives a 5 in combined institutional experience with 110 combined years of industry experience. It receives another perfect score of 5 as an educational influencer with 9441 Twitter followers and 4430 YouTube subscribers. Overall, receives a solid average of 4 across all areas.

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