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Admissions Consultants

Admissions Consultants is a Vienna, Virginia-based college admissions firm. It was established in 1996 by David Petersam to assist with admissions at top U.S. universities. Admissions Consultants offers assistance for undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, MBA programs, law school, Medical admissions, and medical residency admissions. It offers hourly rate plans and fixed-fee application packages to meet the needs of interested parties.

About Company

Admissions Consultants is a difficult organization to assess because little information is provided on the website. In particular, the name of the company’s founder and the name of its admissions consultants are not listed on the website. However, a detailed description of its services and pricing is provided. It says it matches its diverse team of consultants with new clients, based on mutual interest. It offers a single application package, a three-college application package, a five-college application package, a seven-college application package, a ten-college application package, and an ultimate assistance package. These packages offer traditional college admissions services, including letter of recommendation guidance, school selection, essay writing help, and other application assistance.


Further, it offers a la carte services, such as admissions interviews assistance, fixed-fee waitlist, rejection analysis, and other services. They do not provide test prep services, but the company’s website provides a link to test prep resources available online. It claims to offer a free assessment with new clients to design an academic path.

Admissions Consultants Score

Admissions Consultants Review

Admissions Consultants receives a 1 in reputation (no known independent third-party reviews), quality of the team (one former college admissions officer), size of the team (one college consultant employed), and combined institutional knowledge (one year of collective industry experience), revealing that little is known about the company. It receives a 2 in results with no known data on student outcomes. Alternatively, it fares best in web presence with a 3 (Google organic ranking of 60) and receives a 5 for its vibrant YouTube and Twitter presence as an educational influencer.


Overall, Admissions Consultants receives a combined average of 2.00.

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