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Admissions Lady

Admissions Lady

Admissions Lady College Consulting is a college consulting company based in Roswell, Georgia. It was founded by Jill Mattos, a former corporate professional, in 2014. She works to bring clarity to a confusing process. Admission Lady College Consulting works with students in the greater Atlanta area and other domestic and global locations.

About Company

Admissions Lady College Consulting is an independent college counseling practice that provides guidance to high school students and their parents in navigating the college search and application process. Admissions Lady College Consulting provides comprehensive college planning services for juniors and seniors, and helps take some of the stress out of the college admissions process. Jill Mattos offers a free 30-minute consultation to interested parties regarding her firm’s services. These services include reviewing high school course selections, testing recommendations, developing a college list unique to the individual student, application strategies, essay brainstorming, mock interviewing, and more. There is nothing to suggest on its website that Admissions Lady takes graduate or transfer students, or that Admissions Lady has more than one employee. Possibly, this is because the firm’s small size does not allow for it to recruit a wide range of specialists familiar with different academic programs, degrees, and majors.

Admissions Lady Score

Admissions Lady Review

Admissions Lady receives a 1 in reputation, with three independent third-party reviews. It receives a 0 in the quality of the team, with no known former college admissions officers. Additionally, it receives a 2 in results, revealing that little is known about student application outcomes to the nation's colleges. It receives a 1 in the size of the team (one college consultant), a 1 as an educational influencer (0 YouTube subscribers and 32 Twitter followers), and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (5 years of collective experience). Its best score is a 3 in web presence, with a Google organic ranking of 34.


Overall, Admissions Lady receives a 1.29 score over the seven categories.

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