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​AdmissionSight is a Cupertino, California-based educational consultancy. Eric Eng, the founder and CEO of AdmissionSight, graduated with a BA from Princeton University and has over 10 years of experience helping students navigate the highly competitive admissions process. He’s been featured on US News & World Report for his insights on college admissions, and maintains detailed knowledge on how to get into the very best schools.

About Company

The team at AdmissionSight displays a strong commitment to STEM fields with several consultants who have educations in fields, such as biostatistics, neuroscience, electrical engineering, and computer science. They appear to be a boutique firm that cater to wealthy families in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley that put a high value on university admissions to top schools. This firm focuses on admissions to top-tier and Ivy League colleges. It offers boarding school admissions, pre-high school consultations, summer programs, private consulting, academic and extracurricular profile evaluation, editing, UC Transfer Admissions, Ivy League Transfer Admissions, graduate school admissions, and MBA admissions. It also offers SAT/ACT tutoring, AP Exam Tutoring, Olympiad tutoring, science research programs, assistance in humanities competitions, passion project program, ad hoc consulting, and athletic recruitment. AdmissionSight’s philosophy is to craft the most compelling essays and applications to ensure your success, and they emphasize that nothing short of perfection is expected.

AdmissionSight Score

AdmissionSight Review

It receives a 3 in web presence (Fifth-page Google organic rating). It receives a below-average score of 2 with 6 verified, third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 0 in team quality no identified college consultants. It receives a 3 in team size with five total college consultants. It receives a 1 in combined institutional experience with one combined year of industry experience. It receives a 1 as an educational influencer with 265 Twitter followers and 2 YouTube subscribers. Overall, AdmissionSight receives an average score of 2 across all categories.

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