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Ivey Consulting is a Los Angeles-based college admissions consulting firm. It was founded in 2002 by Anna Ivey, a lawyer who worked at several law firms and worked in Law School Admissions at the University of Chicago and Stanford University. She is the author of The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions and co-author of How to Prepare a Standout College Application.

About Company

Ivey Consulting is run by a team of former admissions officers at top U.S. colleges, graduate schools, and law schools. It offers admissions and educational consulting for applicants to selective colleges, law schools, and MPA/MPP programs in the United States. Because of the founder’s law background, the firm emphasizes law school admissions, as shown by its large law school team of client liaisons and coaches. Ivey Consulting also offers its consultants to speak at events for a fee. For 9th- to 11th-grade high school students, Ivey offers a number of different packages for launching their academic careers, choosing classes, and jumpstarting their academic journey.


For high school seniors and juniors, it offers an array of essay packages, while offering transfer packages for undergraduate students seeking a college transfer. Ivey Consulting also created a software program to help with the college essay writing process. At the same time, its website contains links to the Amazon page for Anna Ivey’s books so that interested parties can purchase the books.

Anna Ivey Score

Anna Ivey Review

It receives a 3 in web presence (Fifth-page Google organic rating). It receives a poor score of 1 with one verified, third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 4 in team quality with eight identified college consultants. It receives a 4 in team size with ten total college consultants. It receives a 4 in combined institutional experience with 12 years of industry experience. It receives a 4 as an educational influencer with 3007 Twitter followers and 628 YouTube subscribers. Overall, Anna Ivey Consulting receives a slightly above-average score of 3.29 across all categories.

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