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Bentham Admissions

Bentham Admissions

Bentham Admissions is an admissions consultancy based in New York City. Though geographically located in New York City, it primarily works remotely, matching up consultants and students from different parts of the country and globe. It has assembled a young team of recent graduates of top U.S. universities to guide clients in the college admissions process with their strategic thinking, strong editing skills, sound client management skills, and up-to-date familiarity with top academic institutions.

About Company

Bentham Admissions offers undergraduate/graduate transfer consulting, admissions consulting to top U.S. universities, MBA admissions consulting, BS/MD admissions consulting, and other customized services. Besides, it offers ACT and SAT test prep tutoring, a 12-week after-school admissions class, comprehensive advising, and advice on lowering the overall cost of college. Its primary products include coaching packages for high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, as well as application packages to strategize school selection, improve essay writing and personal statements, prepare for interviews, properly construct recommendation letters, receive financial aid, and navigate the waitlist process.

Bentham Admissions Score

Bentham Admissions Review

Bentham appears to be an up-and-coming college admissions firm. With its young and ambitious team, it will likely climb the college admissions ladder in the years to come, considering its score of 5 in the results category, based on its known acceptance rates, arguably the most important category. According to the Bentham website, 50% of its clients gained Ivy League admissions, 78% gained acceptance to a Top 25 university, and 94% gained acceptance to a Top 10 public school. Bentham receives a 1 in reputation (no third-party independent reviews could be found), quality of team (one former admissions officer), and combined institutional knowledge (zero years of combined admissions experience of its former admissions officers). It receives a strong score of 4 for the team’s size with 11 consultants. It receives an excellent score of 5 for web presence with a first-page Google organic rating. With only 43 YouTube subscribers and 3 Twitter followers, Bentham receives a 1 as an educational influencer. Overall, Bentham receives an average score of 2.57. Nonetheless, its young and ambitious team provides it a strong position to make resolute gains in the industry.

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2022 Score

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