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Blue Star Admissions

Blue Star Admissions

Blue Star Admissions Consulting is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but predominantly provides online admissions consulting. It was founded by Dr. Amy Morgenstern in 2010, a former philosophy professor and an award-winning writer. She employs a small team of counselors to work with aspiring students. Given its Silicon Valley presence, it tends to cater to the area’s high-end clientele looking to make it into local prestigious universities like Stanford and Berkeley, as well as top national universities.

About Company

Blue Star Admissions Consulting offers several unique programs that set it apart from other admissions consultancies. It focuses on music, the arts, and spurring creativity, which is unique in the industry. Hence, it offers help in art admissions through artist coaching, portfolio mentorship, MFA and BFA admissions consulting, and the Blue Stars Art Mentoring for 9th-11th graders. It also offers traditional college consulting with college and major selection, essay assistance, and other individualized assistance.


Further, Blue Star Admissions Consulting offers different packages to high school students including the College Planning Foundations Program (8th-10th Grade), Full-Service Annual College Planning Package (8th-11th Grade), the Summer Planning Package, the Summer Planning Bonus Package, and the Independent Project Coaching. These programs help high school students to start thinking about the college admissions process early and begin building their resumes. In terms of products, they offer a Deluxe: Full-Service College Planning + Premium 10-School Admissions, Power Pack: Summer Planning + Premium 10-School Admissions, and Five College Planning Meetings + Premium 10-School Admissions.

Blue Star Admissions Score

Blue Star Admissions Review

Blue Star scores a 1 in the quality of the team with one former admissions officer on its team. It scores a 2 in the size of the team with a team of four college consultants. It scores a 1 in combined institutional knowledge with only one year of college admission officer experience among its team. According to the website, there are only four counselors, not counting the CEO, with a limited array of experience and skillsets. It fares better in reputation, receiving a 3 because of its 17 independent third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results, which are largely unknown.


Its strongest score is a 4 in web presence, with an organic Google score of 30. However, it receives a 2 as an educational influencer because it has only 31 YouTube subscribers and 276 Twitter followers. Overall, it receives an average score of 2.14, which is less than a satisfactory mark, leaving much to be desired.

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