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Bound4College was started in 2003 by Elizabeth Rehfeld. Though it operates online, its base is Novato, California. She founded the company because she believes that all students, who have the desire, should be given the opportunity to attend a four-year college or university. She claims to have a 100% success rate. 

About Company

This company tends to take a different approach to college consulting by focusing on those who have struggled academically due to learning differences, familial issues, psychological issues, or because they are first-generation immigrants. Hence, this approach is unique because college consulting is generally a premium service for wealthy families seeking to gain a competitive advantage over other applicants. Elizabeth Rehfeld is unique in this field because of my psychotherapy background and my ability to work with students who are challenged by learning differences. Also, she is an expert on working with students with diagnosed learning and/or psychological challenges. She has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars on college preparation, selection, and admission and has dedicated her professional life to advocate for students to ensure that they make well-informed choices about their future. According to the website, Rebecca Rehfeld (daughter of Elizabeth) is a Co-owner and also deeply committed to high school students with learning differences and other disenfranchised students. They offer help with choosing high school curriculum, in-school and extracurricular activities, summer programs, internships, SAT/ACT preparation, college selection, and college admission.



It receives a 2 in web presence (Eighth-page Google organic rating). It receives a poor score of 1 with three verified, third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 0 in team quality with no former college admissions officers. It receives a 2 in team size with three college consultants. It receives a 0 in combined institutional experience with zero years of industry experience. It receives a 1.5 as an educational influencer with 168 Twitter followers and 0 YouTube subscribers. Overall, receives a score of 1.21 across all categories.

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