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Bright Horizons College Coach

Bright Horizons College Coach is a Newton, Massachusetts- based college consulting firm founded by Stephen Kramer and Michael London in 1998. It has expanded to open branches in 14 U.S. states with offices in many large U.S. metropolitan cities. It offers online college admissions counseling, for those located in other U.S. or global locations where there is no office presence.  College Coach boasts a team of approximately 30 former admissions consultants with a vast array of collective experience.

About Company

Bright Horizons College Coach states that each of its experts has more than ten years of experience in the industry. It states that all of its clients have the opportunity to tap into the unique knowledge base of its consultants with different familiarity of Ivy League admissions, religiously-affiliated schools, military/service academies, transfer admissions, undergraduate business schools, and much more. They also offer a team of college finance experts, a service for which often gets overlooked by many other college admissions consultancies. However, because college costs are increasing rapidly, this service is increasingly relevant. They offer complex consulting services for international students looking to enroll in U.S. colleges. Besides, they offer research mentorship, private school admissions, medical school admissions, transfer assistance, and other customized services. Lastly, they offer several “enhancements,” including a summer boot camp, interview boot camp, summer program essay support, offsite meetings, customized college visits, a committee style review, or other individual services.

Bright Horizons Score

Bright Horizons Review

Bright Horizons College Coach receives a 1 in reputation, reflecting a mere three independent third-party online reviews of services. It receives a 2 in results, showing a lack of data on client outcomes. It receives an excellent score of 5 in the quality of the team, with a vibrant 44 former college admissions officers. Besides, it receives a 4 in the size of the team, with 44 current college consultants on its team. It receives a 5 in combined institutional knowledge, with 504+ years of combined industry experience among its team. It receives a stellar score of 4 in web presence, with a third-page Google organic search result. It boasts a 5 as an educational influencer because of its strong online and social media presence, with 1895 YouTube subscribers and 2000 Twitter followers. Combined, College Coach receives a 3.71 score, a solid score.

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