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Club Z! Tutoring

​Club Z! Tutoring is an admissions consultancy, tutoring, and test prep company based in Fairfax, Virginia. In addition to Fairfax, Club Z! Tutoring offers tutoring and college admissions services in the following locations: Legato, Lewis Park, and George Mason in Virginia. Based on the website, this organization appears to be a franchise and mostly is focused on providing common application assistance.

About Company

Club Z! has developed a network of professional college admissions counselors to help students with the entire college admissions process, starting from the test prep process. Its college admission officers will work hand in hand with its professional and trained tutors. Based on the website, tutoring and test prep seem to be their core competency. Nonetheless, Club Z! states that its college admissions consulting professionals possess a collective 75 years of experience in higher education, college admissions consulting, and school counseling. Also, it employs admissions experts who are well-versed in every aspect of the application process, including selecting schools and majors, securing financial aid and scholarships, and crafting a standout personal essay. Lost most college admissions consultancies, its focus is on Ivy League, and other top-tier national universities. Its college admission advisors help planning high school academics and international transcript evaluations. They also evaluate and strategize extracurricular activities, including leadership involvement, summer internships, and academic programs. Moreover, they assist with selecting colleges and majors, completing applications and editing, and obtaining financial aid, grants, and scholarships. They provide tutoring in many different fields including, math, science, foreign languages, reading, writing, study skills, ADHD and learning disabilities, Pre-K tutoring, and other summer tutoring. Regarding test prep, they seem to offer assistance in virtually all forms of academic testing in higher education.

Club Z! Tutoring Score

Club Z! Tutoring Review

It receives a 5 in web presence with a first-page Google organic rating. It receives a score of 3 with 14 verified, third-party reviews. Besides, it receives a 2 in results with unknown student outcomes. It receives a 1 in team quality with one former college admissions officer. It receives a 1 in team size with one college consultant. It receives a 0 in combined institutional experience with zero years of industry experience. It is worth noting that the website is not clear on the experience and makeup of its team. It only speaks about its college consultants in vague terms. It receives a 1 as an educational influencer with 583 Twitter followers and 80 YouTube subscribers. Overall, Club Z! receives a score of 2 across all categories.

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