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jj College Admission Advising, also known as jj College Admission Advising LLC, is a college consulting company based in upstate New York. It was founded by Jona Jacobson. Her goal is to spend time with each student to design an advising program that is best suited to his or her individual needs. She offers assistance in selecting academic programs and the right social, athletic, academic, and geographic fit. She also considers access to amenities, school spirit, diversity and cost, including the potential impact of need aid and merit aid opportunities.

About Company

As an independent college admission consultant, Jona provides counseling for students and parents at all stages of the college selection and application process to help ensure the best fit. This firm seems to work with a wealthy client base in Upstate New York, providing a boutique-like atmosphere for its clients. However, it lacks many of the resources of a larger, more specialized firm. It prides itself with working closely with clients, strong customer service, a thorough knowledge of colleges, and a commitment to excellence. It also seeks to save each client money over the long term by providing insight on how to make college more affordable and accessible. She also stated that she was inspired to help others after navigating the college admissions process with her two daughters. Hence, Jona emphasizes her commitment to families and building relationships that can smooth the college admissions process. This organization offers a mix of hourly consultations and larger packages for its students. Overall, it seems to offer a standard set of services comparable to many companies in the industry.

jj College Admission Advising Score

jj College Admission Advising Review

It receives a 2 in web presence (Seventh-page Google organic rating). It receives a poor score of 1 with no verified, third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 0 in team quality with no identified college consultants. It receives a 1 in team size with only one college consultant. It receives a 0 in combined institutional experience with 0 years of industry experience. It receives a 1 as an educational influencer with 66 Twitter followers and 0 YouTube subscribers. Overall, receives a poor score of 1 across all categories.

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