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College Initiative

College Initiative

College Initiative is a college admissions consulting firm located in Celebration, Florida. It was started by Jill Schwitzgebel in 2017, who decided to open the business after helping her own children navigate the college admissions process. It operates online and in person, offering a free consultation for interested parties. Judging from the website, it offers traditional college admissions services, including test prep assistance, resume building, essay and writing assistance, school selection help, financial aid management, and other customized assistance.

About Company

College Initiative is a difficult admissions company to assess because the company omits certain key information from its website. Rather than providing a full explanation and list of services, it prompts visitors of the website to schedule a free consultation or email the firm to receive additional details. In the biography section of the website, a description of the owner is provided but without the first or last name of the owner. Besides, it is difficult to ascertain whether the business is solely operated by the owner or the firm employs other employees or consultants. In any case, the website suggests that it provides support to all interested parties at different phases of their academic careers, focusing on the Orlando area.

College Initiative Score

College Initiative Review

College Initiative receives a 1 in reputation (0 independent third-party reviews identified), 1 for the size of the team (firm employs only one consultant), and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (0 years of combined college admission officer experience among its team). Simultaneously, it receives a 2 in results, which are largely unknown. It receives a score of 0 for the quality of its team, with no former admissions officers on its team. Also, it scores low in its web presence with a score of 2, reflecting its Google organic ranking of 61. As an educational influencer, it receives a score of 2.


Overall, it receives a 1.29 score.

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