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College Transitons

College Transitions

College Transitions is an admissions consultancy that has been around for approximately a decade, led by CEO Dr. Andrew Belasco and Director of Content Dave Bergman Ed.D. and a team of highly educated counselors, academics, and former admission officers. Though based in Charlotte, North Carolina, College Transitions works fully remotely with domestic and international clients, which it connects with admissions consultants throughout the United States.


College Transitions offers hourly and comprehensive counseling plans covering resume development, college interviews, positioning strategy, college essays, financial aid assistance, and college interview advice. Like most consultancies, they offer assistance at all stages of college admissions, including high school students, transfer students, graduate admissions, and medical admissions. In particular, they aim to prepare high school students for the college admissions process early in their academic cycles.

About Company

College Transitions brands itself on developing a quantitative research agenda in higher education, which differs from the majority of academic consultancies. It has set itself apart by publishing two books co-authored by CEO Dr. Andrew Belasco and Director of Content Dave Bergman, Ed.D. , titled Colleges Worth Your Money and The Enlightened College Applicant. This acts as a marketing tool, a guide for parents and students to navigate the college admissions process, and provides additional details about changes in the college admissions process to prospective applicants.


Though this information is highly important, the material is so vast, making it difficult to absorb for interested parties, particularly high school students. The founders of College Transitions have also given several interviews to a national audience concerning legacy admissions, student-athlete positioning, early decision, and other college admissions terminology.

College Transitions Score

College Transitions Review

College Transitions received a 5 in reputation with 41 reviews from independent third-party sites. Simultaneously, it receives a 2 in results, reflecting a lack of available data on its website or other publicly available sources. Also, little is known to substantiate their stated results in gaining acceptance to top U.S. universities, making it difficult to assess the value for money. It fares better with a 4 in quality of the team, showing a strong team of 13 former admissions officers. It receives a 4 in the size of the team, based on its team of 14 consultants on their team, reflecting the team’s strong background in academia, research, and college admissions. It receives a 3 in web presence with a Google fourth-page organic score. It receives a solid 4 in combined institutional knowledge with 13 combined years of industry experience. With 846 YouTube subscribers and 590 Twitter followers, it receives a strong 4.5 score as an educational influencer. Overall, College Admissions receives a 3.79 score over the seven categories analyzed, giving them a slightly above average score.

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