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College Wise

CollegeWise is a college admissions consulting firm founded by Kevin McMullin in Irvine, California, in 1999. It has expanded to approximately 20 office locations in more than ten U.S. states. Mr. McMullin has written extensively about the college admissions process and authored the book, U Fits Expert Advice on Finding the Right College and Getting Accepted. In its more than two decades in business, CollegeWise claims to have helped 25,000 people gain college admission and gives students four times a greater chance of getting accepted to universities.

About Company

CollegeWise primarily offers college admissions consulting, test prep, and tutoring services. It offers tutoring services for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, and ISEE/SSAT. CollegeWise allows students to pay as they go on an hourly basis or purchase a bundle of college admissions services. CollegeWise claims to have more than 70 counselors and tutors, as well as more than 400 years of combined admissions experience. It provides services to 8th and 9th graders to educate them on how to choose high school courses, excel in high school, and prepare themselves for the college admissions process.


It offers college consulting service for 10th to 12th graders, helping them perfect their essays, choose colleges and majors, receive financial aid, improve their letters of recommendation, and properly fill out their applications. Besides, CollegeWise also works with transfer applicants to change colleges and majors. CollegeWise offers numerous free seminars on the college admissions process to market its products and services for students and parents.

CollegeWise Score

CollegeWise Review

CollegeWise receives an average score of a 3 in reputation, reflecting the company’s 15 independent third-party reviews. It receives perfect scores of 5 in results, size of the team (60+ college consultants), and as an educational influencer because of its strong social media presence. It receives its worst scores of 1 in the quality of the team, with only one known former college admissions officer and in combined institutional knowledge, with one year of cumulative college admission officer knowledge. It receives a 3 in web presence, with a Google organic ranking of 32. Overall, CollegeWise receives a 3.29 score over the seven categories examined.

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