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DC College Counseling

DC College Counseling

DC College Counseling is a Northern Virginia-based college consulting firm. It was founded by Colleen Ganjian, a former undergraduate admissions officer and a well-known educational consultant. She brings a project management approach to the college admissions industry by providing continual reminders and task management to clients. DC College Consulting also offers teenage-friendly hours and a vibrant office at their headquarters in Vienna, Virginia.

About Company

The organization’s stated strength is its writing method, known as the Wow Writing Workshop application essay method. Additionally, they offer guidance on standardized testing, college search support, guidance on different types of application procedures, essay help, interview preparation, student-athlete recruitment consulting, assistance navigating the waitlist process, and organizational tools and support to monitor the status of each application. DC College Consulting offers a mix of package deals and individual services. It offers a Comprehensive Plan, Custom Plan, Basic Plan, weekly academic coaching sessions, hourly coaching sessions, access to a membership vault of online resources for a one-time fee, strategy and planning sessions, and essay assistance on an individual basis. The membership vault offers access to a wealth of information regarding properly writing essays and navigating the college admissions process, a unique service in the college admissions industry.

DC College Counseling Score

DC College Counseling Review

DC College Counseling receives a 3 in reputation, reflecting the organization’s 14 independent third-party online reviews. Regarding results, DC College Counseling receives a 2, showing that little is known about student outcomes other than testimonials listed on the website. It receives a 1 in the quality of the team, with its mere two former college admissions offers. Also, it receives a 2 in the size of the team, with three consultants. It garners a 4 in institutional knowledge with 11 years of combined industry experience. It receives a solid score of 2 in web presence by boasting a seventh-page Google organic search result. It receives an unsatisfactory score of 2 as an educational influencer, showing 285 Twitter followers and 0 YouTube subscribers. Based on the data, it can be concluded that DC College Consulting is better suited for students in the DC Metropolitan Area versus nationwide or global students, given that many of its services are specific to its Vienna, Virginia office. All in all, DC College Counseling receives a poor score of 2.29 over the seven categories, showing much room for improvement.

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