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Educated Pathways

Educated Pathways

Educated Pathways is a college consulting firm based in Woodstock, Georgia. It was started in 2019 by Monica Meng in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Despite being based in Georgia, Educated Pathways offers 100% virtual counseling to students around the world. In a short time, Monica Meng states her clients have received numerous acceptances to top national and regional universities.

About Company

Educated Pathways offers a realistic approach to the college admissions process by balancing three categories of colleges: SAFETY (easy admission), TARGET (above average admissions) or REACH (extremely difficult college to gain acceptance). This maximizes time, resources, money, and expectations. Though only in business for a short time, Educated Pathways plans to rapidly expand in the Atlanta area over the coming years. Educated Pathways helps with application procedures, improving test scores, college search tools, college visits, financial aid and scholarship strategies, and student-athlete recruitment. To start the process, Educated Pathways offers a free 30 minutes consultation. It offers several college packages, including the Comprehensive Package for ten college applications, the Senior Rush Package for five college applications, and the Common Application Only Package. Though not clearly specified on the website, Educated Pathways seems eager to help students at any stage of the academic journeys in undergraduate, graduate, and transfer circumstances.

Educated Pathways Score

Educated Pathways Review

Education Pathways receives a 1 in reputation, with only three independent third-party reviews, and a 2 in results as little information is publicly available. It receives a 0 in the quality of the team because the only person listed on the website is the owner who does not have experience as a college admissions officer. Further, it receives a 1 for the size of the team, with only one college consultant. It receives a 2 in web presence (Google organic ranking of 72), a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (no known college admission officer experience among its staff), and a 1 as an educational influencer, reflecting a virtually non-existent social media presence.


Overall, Educated Pathways scores a 1.14 over the seven areas examined.

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