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Elite Advantage Prep

Elite Advantage Prep

Elite Advantage Prep was started by a Georgetown University admissions interviewer, Anna Ren. The firm is based in New Jersey and was founded in 2013. Ren’s objective is to mentor to students, bring clarity to the process, and make the college admissions process stress-free with her systematic approach to the college admissions process. The founder claims that all of her clients have been accepted into a college, mostly their top choice.

About Company

The firm states that 90% of their students are accepted into their top choice, and 95% of students get into their top three choices. Besides its founder, Elite Advantage Prep lists a Storyteller and a Passion Project Mentor and an Academic and Personal Growth Mentor, non-traditional positions in the industry. Therefore, Elite Advantage Prep takes a non-traditional approach to the college admissions process by focusing on nurturing and builds leaders that believe in continuous growth and development. It challenges them to think deeper and take consistent action on their goals. The firm offers both a la carte services and comprehensive packages. Individually, clients can purchase college list development, Academic and Activity Resume Planning, Personal Essay Brainstorm, essay review, interview guidance, and general consulting. Its packages mostly offer different eight school packages, but the packages commence at different grades in high school. Elite Advantage Prep offers a free College Planning Strategy Session to start the process.

Elite Advantage Prep Score

Elite Advantage Prep Review

The firm receives a 1 in reputation, with only one known independent third-party review. It receives a 1 in the quality of its team (one former college admissions officer employed), and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (1 year of combined industry knowledge). Additionally, it receives a 2 in results, showing little is known other than the testimonials on its website. It receives a two in the size of its team, with only three college consultants. Lastly, it receives a 2 in web presence, maintaining an organic Google ranking of 75. Finally, it scores a 1 as an educational influencer, showing virtually no internet or social media visibility.


Combined, it receives a 1.43, which is on the low end in the industry.

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