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Expert Admissions

Expert Admissions

Expert Admissions is a New York City-based college admissions consultancy. It was founded by Dr. Bari Norman and Will Norman in 2004. Dr. Bari Norman was a Former Admissions Officer at Barnard College/Columbia University, while Will Norman has worked in admissions at Columbia University. Dr. Norman has also received significant publicity on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and other media outlets.

About Company

Expert Admissions offers a wide variety of admissions consulting services. It claims that almost every single one of its clients has gained acceptance to their top choice college since they started their company, a bold claim in the highly competitive college admissions process. It offers graduate consulting for law school, medical school, business school, Ph.D. programs, and other Master’s Programs.


They also offer traditional admissions consulting services for undergraduate admissions and assist transfer applicants, looking to change their schools and majors. In addition, Expert Admission also works heavily with international students, as shown by their Mandarin Chinese and Spanish web pages. They have services for international students to improve their test scores to gain admission at top U.S. universities, including the TOEFL and IELTA tests. Moreover, their website indicates that they have a program to provide pro-bono services to low-income youth.

Expert Admissions Score

Expert Admissions Review

Expert Admissions garners a poor score of 1 in reputation, with only two independent third-party reviews on its admissions consulting services. It receives a 2 in results, showing little is known about its outcomes other than testimonials on its website. It receives a medium score of 3 for the quality of the team with five former admissions officers. It fares better with a 4 in web presence, maintaining a Google organic ranking of 24. Also, it receives a 4 in combined institutional knowledge with eight years of combined college admission officer knowledge among its team. It receives a 3.5 score as an educational influencer with a slightly above average social media presence. Overall, Expert Admissions receives an average score of 2.93.

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