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FLEX College Prep

FLEX College Prep

Flex College Prep is a California-based college admissions company with nine branches in San Jose, Brea, Cupertino, Diamond Bar, Fremont, Los Altos, Los Angeles, Irvine, and Pasadena. It was founded in 2001 by CEO Danny Byun in Cupertino, California, and expanded to other parts of the state, following two decades of success. He sought to combine test prep, tutoring, college consulting services, and inside business knowledge. Recently, Flex College Prep has opened branches in South Korea and Thailand, looking to expand the firm’s international presence.

About Company

Because of Flex College Prep’s large size, it offers a wide range of services to clients. For high schoolers, it offers writing courses through its Writing Center, health science courses, math and computer sciences, business and economics courses, research methodology courses, elective courses, and humanities and pre-law courses. It also offers a significant range of test prep services, including webinars, individual tutoring, and test materials for AP, SAT, and ACT tests.


Also, Flex College Prep offers college planning, starting from 8th grade, while offering college application assistance for 11th and 12th graders. Because of its California location and focus, it offers a UC Virtual Bootcamp on navigating the UC application process for high school seniors and transfer applicants. It also offers tutoring through its nine California offices on a wide range of academic subjects. Flex College Prep also offers many free webinars to the public on topics such as essay writing, interviews with college admissions officers, research courses, results from academic consulting, and other relevant topics to boost its public profile.

FLEX College Prep Score

FLEX College Prep Review

Flex College Prep scores a 3 in reputation, with 11 independent third-party reviews. It scores a 2 in results, showing a lack of known data on its admissions outcomes. Additionally, it receives a 1 in the quality of the team (two former admissions officers employed) and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (two years of combined industry experience), primarily because the talent pool of its staff is fragmented into different California offices. It fares best in the size of the team (14 college consultants employed) with a 4 and a 3 in web presence (fifth-page Google organic result). It scores a poor 1 as an educational influencer with a mere 27 YouTube subscribers and 0 Twitter followers. Overall, it receives a 2.14 score.

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