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ForWord Consulting

ForWord Consulting

ForWord Consulting is a small academic consulting firm located in Northern Virginia. They work both remotely and in-person to service their clients. It was founded by Catherine Ganley in 2010, an individual with significant experience in writing/editing, the college admissions sector, and test preparation. For her clients, her team chooses colleges, creates a working resume, prepares clients for the SATs/ACTs, completes applications, educates clients on financial aid strategies, and assists in obtaining scholarships.

About Company

ForWord Consulting is particularly focused on admissions to Virginia’s top public and private universities, managing financial aid, and Northern Virginia test prep. It offers academic services to students, starting from the eighth grade, to prepare them for the college admissions process. For instance, it educates eighth-graders on which classes to take in high school so that they can get on the path to college admissions. Simultaneously, it provides guidance for 9th graders on how to make a 4-year college admissions plan. Also, ForWord Consulting provides traditional college admissions services, such as essay editing, preparing for interviews, letter of recommendation guidance, test prep assistance, and other personalized assistance to clients. In particular, ForWord’s website states that it takes a particular interest in assisting vulnerable demographics, including LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, undocumented students, low-income students, and minority students. 

ForWord Consulting Score

ForWord Consulting Review

ForWord Consulting receives a 1 in reputation, with only one independent third-party review. It receives a 2 in results because little data is known about client outcomes. The quality of the team receives a dismal 0 score, with no former college admissions officers on its team, while receiving a 1 in the size of the team (two consultants comprising its team) and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (0 years of cumulative college admission officer experience among its team). This is the case because little information is available on the website regarding the background and experience of their educational consultants. ForWord Consulting scores best in web presence with a Google organic ranking of 33. It scores a 1 as an education influencer with virtually no social media presence.


Overall, ForWord receives a score of 1.29 in the seven categories. It is noteworthy that because of its Virginia focus, clients intending to study in Virginia versus another geographic area may be especially interested in the service.

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