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Ilumin Education

Ilumin Education

Ilumin Education is a San Francisco Bay Area-based educational consulting firm that provides expert college admissions counseling and effective life coaching support to students pursuing admission into top-tier universities. It was founded by CEO Elton Lin in 2014 to help students achieve greater purpose through life coaching. He has compiled a strong team of many graduates from top U.S. universities with college admissions experience. It has a strong focus on Asia, particularly assisting Chinese students, looking to study in the United States.

About Company

Ilumin Education offers a 9th to 11th grade coaching program, a 12th grade admissions program, and essay consulting. The life coaching service is designed for high school students to build the skills necessary to build up their resumes, get prepared for the college admissions process, and establish a solid career path for the future. Ilumin Education recommends students start as early as 8th grade to set the tone for academic success.


Moreover, Ilumin Education offers a series of free webinars and a free E-book to improve parents' and students' understanding of the college admissions process, clarify ongoing changes in college admissions, and explore effective writing techniques. It offers services in-person in its Silicon Valley office, as well as offers consulting services to its global client base. Its business model capitalizes on the high-end market in the San Francisco Bay Area, where many families with disposable income seek to drive their children’s educational future.

Ilumin Education Score

Ilumin Education Review

Ilumin Education receives an excellent score of 5 in reputation, showcasing its strong 66 independent third-party reviews. It receives a 4 in results with strong student outcomes, a testament to its commitment to success. It fares worse in the quality of its team, employing only two former college admissions officers and in combined institutional knowledge, with two years of cumulative college admission officer experience among its team. It receives a strong score of 4 in the size of the team (with a team of 14 consultants), a 3 in web presence (Google organic ranking of 53), and a 1 as an educational influencer, showing a poor social media presence. Overall, Ilumin Education receives a 2.71 score in the seven categories, putting it in the average range among education consultancies.

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