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InGenius Prep


InGenius Prep is a New Haven, Connecticut-based college admissions consulting company. It was founded by Joel Butterly, David Mainiero, and Yosepha Greenfield on Yale’s campus in 2013. Currently, Joel Butterfly is the Chief Executive Officer, while the other two co-founders manage different aspects of the business.


These founders sought to amass a large group of former admissions counselors across the country. Hence, they formed a team of 70 Former Admissions Officers from every top school in the United States, 75 graduate coaches, 75 academic mentors, 15 writing teachers, and 75 corporate partnerships.

About Company

InGenius Prep indicates that its students are three times more likely to get into Top 10 School with their assistance and claim a 96% family satisfaction rate, though this is difficult to independently verify. Their website contains a list of Top U.S. Colleges, including Ivy League Schools, with their number of annually accepted students, which reaches dozens of applicants in graduate and undergraduate fields. InGenius also claims that 99% of its students have gotten into at least one of the schools on their target list.


They work with undergraduate admissions, medical school admissions, law school admissions, business school admissions, graduate school admissions, career counseling, and private school admissions. InGenius Prep offers free webinars and podcasts on different aspects of the college admissions process for free through its website. Moreover, InGenius Prep offers an Academic Mentorship Program, writing classes, and guaranteed internship placements. Their Application Counseling packages offer support for different numbers of college applications. However, billing is done based on deliverables, and there is no maximum number of hours, contrary to many companies in the industry.

InGenius Prep Score

InGenius Prep Review

InGenius Review receives a strong score of 5 in reputation, with 62 independent third-party reviews. It receives a strong 4 in results, displaying its strong Ivy League brand and commitment to success. Also, it receives perfect 5 scores in the quality of the team (162 former admissions officers employed), the size of the team (660 college consultants), and in combined institutional knowledge (162 years of combined industry knowledge), solidifying its place as a leader in the industry. However, it receives a 2 in web presence, with an eight-page Google organic search result. Alternatively, it receives a 5 as an educational influencer with a strong showing of 6,880 YouTube subscribers and 1,283 Twitter followers. Overall, InGenius Prep receives a strong score of 4.43, which is one of the top scores in the industry.

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