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Ivy Admissions

Ivy Admissions

Ivy Admissions is a college admissions consulting firm based in San Mateo, California. It was founded by Deanna Ijaz in 2011. Deanna has written extensively on the college admissions process, including her book, Cracking the College Code, concerning college admissions strategies. Deanna founded Ivy Admissions to offer an organic approach to clients looking to get into the school of their dreams. She has formed a team of highly educated educational professionals to provide clients with admissions to top U.S. colleges.

About Company

Ivy Admissions claims to provide consultants that are available 24/7 to meet their client’s needs. Though based in Silicon Valley, Ivy Admissions works 100% virtually with clients around the country and worldwide. They offer a one-hour free consultation to start the process and design an academic plan. Their website indicates that 98% of students gain admission to one of their top 3 choices. Ivy Admissions provides academic tutoring, admissions test prep, admissions application consulting, resume building, internship placement, and other customized services.


They offer several in-house testing experts that offer test prep strategies to significantly boost scores. The website states that a student’s SAT score improved by an average of 145 points, and the company’s average response time to inquiries is 15 minutes. Though Ivy Admissions offers an expensive service, it states that many students recover their consulting costs through scholarship awards and financial aid strategies.

Ivy Admissions Score

Ivy Admissions Review

Ivy Admissions receives a 2 for reputation, with only eight known independent third-party reviews. It receives a 2 for results as little information is known about acceptance rates for their paying students. They receive a 0 for the quality of the team, with no known former college admissions officers on their team. Their highest score is a 4 for the size of their team, employing seven college consultants. They receive a 2 in web presence, with a Google organic ranking of 99. They receive a 1 in combined institutional knowledge with 0 years of combined former college admission officer knowledge. As educational influencers, they receive a 1 due to their limited social media presence.


All in all, Ivy Admissions receives a score of 1.71 across the seven categories examined.

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