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Ivy Coach is a New York City-based admissions consulting firm. It was founded by Bev Taylor in 1990. Bev Taylor has been an active and outspoken public persona in the educational sector for several decades, appearing on many media outlets regarding the college admissions process, issues related to equal access to education, college admissions scandals, and discrimination in education. She states that she is heavily in demand by clients, but elects to work with only three students a year.

About Company

Though based in New York City, Ivy Coach works completely online with students located around the United States and the globe. They provide admissions consulting services for undergraduate programs, business schools, medical schools, law schools, or any other master’s or Ph.D. graduate programs. They indicate that they are experts in Ivy League admissions, particularly how to navigate the Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision application options.


Their website claims they provide pro-bono services annually to military veterans and low-income, need-based students. Ivy Coach also provides test prep and tutoring services to students around the world. Ivy Coach offers tutoring for the SAT, the ACT, AP Exams, and the TOEFL. For students applying to preparatory or independent high schools, Ivy Coach offers ISEE and SSAT tutoring. Further, for students applying to graduate schools, including law schools, medical schools, business schools, or other graduate programs, Ivy Coach offers LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE tutoring.

Ivy Coach Score

Ivy Coach Review

Ivy Coach receives a 1 in reputation because there are no known third-party independent reviews rating the customer experience. It receives a 2 in results as little data on outcomes can be independently verified or is listed on the company website. They receive a 1 in quality of the team by maintaining only one former college admission officer. Simultaneously, they receive a 1 in combined institutional knowledge, while receiving a 2 in the size of the team. They fare best in web presence (Google organic ranking of 5) and as an educational influencer, receiving a 2 in each category.


Overall, Ivy Coach receives 2.14 across the seven areas examined.

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2022 Score

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