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Walking on Campus

Ivy Ready offers personalized college admission coaching by matching prospective applicants with former admission officers. This allows clients to tap into an experienced group of professionals with an experience in top-tier colleges throughout the United States. This organization offers application support packages, hourly consultation, and application evaluation.

About Company

The majority of the team at Ivy Ready appears to have studied at top national universities, including Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Brown. Later, the majority of these individuals have worked as former college admissions officers. Clients can request a college consultant that meets their needs. Mostly, this company works online as there is no evidence of any physical office location. This is the primary selling point of this organization. However, the website does not clearly indicate a founder or current director. Ivy Ready's mission is to provide a personalized admission strategy for each student by capitalizing on their strengths, background, interest and aspirations. According to its site, it values the diversity of the families it serves and devotes a tremendous effort to ensure every student has the opportunity to share their compelling story.

Ivy Ready Score

Ivy Ready Review

It receives a 2 in web presence (Eighth-page Google organic rating). It receives a poor score of 1 with zero verified, third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 4 in team quality with nine former college admissions officers. It receives a 4 in team size with ten college consultants. It receives a 4 in combined institutional experience with 16 years of industry experience. It receives a 3 as an educational influencer with 1616 Twitter followers and 0 YouTube subscribers. Overall, receives a score of 2.86 across all categories.

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