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Ivy Scholars

Ivy Scholars is a Sugar Land, Texas-based educational consultancy, providing admissions coaching, test prep, international student consulting, tutoring, research mentoring, and more admissions assistance for students at top-tier schools. CEO Sasha Chada founded Ivy Scholars in 2015 to educate, enable, and empower students to achieve the best versions of their lives by exploring their intellectual curiosities, proving their talents, and telling their stories to top-tier admissions committees. In short, the organization provides the necessary assistance to make them “stand out” during the rigorous college admissions process. They place particular emphasis on college coaching, candidacy building, and test preparation with the overall goal of bringing clarity to an increasingly complex college admissions process. 

About Company

Ivy Scholars is divided between three physical locations: Houston, New York, and Los Angeles, which provides Ivy Scholars with a presence in three vibrant metropolitan areas with large populations. According to its website, this allows their team to gain intimate experience in particular geographic regions versus running a nationwide consultancy model. This also allows them to gain experience in regional college admissions versus focusing primarily on Ivy League and top-tier colleges like the majority of college consultancies. Ivy Scholars has helped over 400 students get access to top colleges and boosts a success rate of 95%. It provides assistance for undergraduate admissions, transfer admissions, and graduate admissions, with a particular emphasis on essay writing, attaining scholarships, interview prep, and application streamlining. It states that it offers free consultations for potential clients. Its team consists of experts in test prep, writing, mentors, and other academic professionals.

Ivy Scholars Score

Ivy Scholars Review

Ivy Scholars receives a strong score of 4 in web presence, reputation (33 verified reviews), results score (3x multiplier for admissions outcomes), and team size (10 consultants). Alternatively, it receives a 0 in team quality because it lacks college consultants with previous college admissions experience. It receives a 0 in combined institutional knowledge because it does not employ previous college admissions officers with experience at particular educational institutions. It receives a social media score of 1 with only 4 Twitter followers and 2 YouTube subscribers. Overall, Ivy Scholars receives a 2.4 score over these seven categories, indicating it remains mostly average across the board.

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