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IvySelect is a Los Angeles-based college consulting firm founded by Michael Goran, JD., offering services online and in-person to prospective students. It provides a range of services, including BS/MD joint programs, transfer student assistance, student-athlete consulting, medical school consulting, law school consulting, and assistance for international students seeking admission to U.S. universities. They market themselves as a firm specializing in Ivy League admissions and admissions to other top U.S. universities, which targets the high-end segment of the college admissions market. Hence, the Director states that his focus is on the top 25 to 50 top U.S. universities and claims to limit his practice to top students primarily seeking Ivy League admissions to reduce spending time learning and traveling to thousands of U.S. colleges.

About Company

IvySelect generally tries to take advantage of the lucrative market of Los Angeles by catering to its class of applicants. They claim that 100% of their applicants will get into their 1st or 2nd top choice school, and 100% of students will attend a Top 25 National University. They use strategic positioning consulting, provide advice writing letters of recommendation, college essay assistance, interview preparation, and other services to their clients. Their literature remains somewhat vague on the specific admissions packages available, but the information suggests they work with applicants at virtually all stages of their academic lives. IvySelect remains difficult to assess. Their website contains a plethora of information about why their founder Michael Goran is the best college consultant in the industry. However, details remain few and far between. There is only one other consultant listed on the website, Dr. Meenakshi A., specializing in the medical field.

IvySelect Score

IvySelect Review

IvySelect receives a 0 in quality of the team with no known former admissions officers on its team. It receives a 1 in the size of the team, with only two college consultants on the team. It scores a 1 in combined institutional knowledge with 0 years of college admission officer experience among its team. Simultaneously, it receives a 1 in reputation with only two known independent third-party reviews and a 2 in results because little data is known about the value of their services. On the contrary, IvySelect fares best in web presence, where it receives a strong score of 4 with a combined organic Google ranking of 28. As an educational influencer, it receives a score of 1 with virtually no presence on YouTube or Twitter.


Overall, Ivy Select receives a score of 1.43.

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