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Ivy Summit

IvySummit is a Washington DC-based college consultancy that specializes in acceptance to Ivy League Schools and other highly selective universities in the US, UK, and Canada. IvySummit was founded by CEO Bryan Giroux, a former student-athlete. The agency works with clients in-person in the Washington DC area and works remotely with other clients from around the world through online interaction.

About Company

IvySummit offers comprehensive packages, hourly assistance, test prep, essay editing, extracurricular consulting, and concierge college tours. It works with students from over 30 countries. They also offer international student admissions, boarding school admissions, transfer admissions, college concierge tours, and other customized services. They offer a comprehensive package (25 hours of assistance), and ultimate package (40 hours of assistance), and hour blocks. They place particular emphasis on constructing essays which are passionate and clear narratives instead of focusing on what they assume the admissions committee wants to read. They have several editors listed on the website that assist students in creating well-rounded essays. 

Ivy Summit Score

Ivy Summit Review

IvySummit receives a 4 in web presence, receiving a third-page Google organic search result. They receive a weak score of 1 in reputation with only two verified reviews. They receive a 2 in results because their outcomes are largely unknown. They receive a 3 in team quality and size of the team with six former college admissions officers total in each category. The score best in combined institutional knowledge, garnering a 5 with 90 years of industry experience. Lastly, they receive a 2.5 as an educational influencer with 2745 Twitter followers and 0 YouTube subscribers. Overall, IvySummit receives a 2.93 score which indicates an average performance across all categories.

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