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Lexicon Academics

Lexicon Academics

Lexicon Academics is a New York City-based firm offering tutoring and several different educational services. It provides academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, admissions consulting, homeschooling, and enrichment learning services for K-12, college, graduate school students, and corporate clients. Since being founded in 2007, it has empowered students in their academic, professional, and intellectual lives.

About Company

Lexicon Academics is difficult to assess because the name of founders, employees, tutors, and other key data is not included on the company’s website. Hence, it is not clear if the firm is run and managed by one individual or an entire team. Like many college consulting companies, it offers test prep, essay writing assistance, interview coaching, college list planning, resume building, and other services for its clients. It claims to have a number of consultants who specialize in working with international applicants. It also offers subject tutoring in math, history, English, languages, science, economics, and other subjects. The website indicates that it offers graduate school admissions consulting, but it does not state which particular programs are covered. Also, Lexicon partners with families to create a specialized homeschooling curriculum suited to each child, which is a service rarely provided by typical college consulting firms. Moreover, Lexicon offers corporate services in accent reduction, business writing, presentation skills, public speaking, and voice training, which are also rarely provided in the admissions consulting sector.

Lexicon Academics Score

Lexicon Academics Review

Lexicon Academics scores best in web presence, attaining a solid score of 4, based on an organic Google ranking of 18. It receives its worst score of 0 in the quality of the team, since there are no known former admissions officers employed by the firm. It receives a 2 in results as there is no known data covering this category. Further, it receives a 1 in the size of the team, with one college consultant comprising the team. Additionally, it scores a 1 in combined institutional knowledge, with 0 years of collective college admission officer experience among its team. As an educational influencer, it scores a 1, with no known social media presence.


Overall, Lexicon receives a 1.43 score over the seven categories.

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