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Manhattan Admissions Advisors

Manhattan Admissions Advisors

Manhattan Admissions Advisors is a New York City-based college admissions consulting firm, founded in 2010 by CEO Dr. Paul Lowe. However, it is worth noting that Pinnacle Educational Center, LLC is the parent company of Manhattan Admission Advisors. The founder seems to have several websites with different company names as part of a global network of educational firms. Manhattan Admissions Advisors provides admissions advisory services for admissions to elite private schools, Ivy League and highly-selective colleges/universities, BS/MD Programs, medical, graduate, and law and business schools.

About Company

The company website focuses on promoting cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. This provides a unique perspective into the college admissions process. To promote diversity, the firm claims to support the “collective intellectual power of differences” to maximize a student’s profile. Therefore, Dr. Lowe has assembled a diverse team of image consultants, character education experts, fashion designers, visual and performing artists, musicians, screenwriters, public relations and personal branding consultants, and ethnomusicologists. Further, CEO Dr. Lowe indicates that he personally works with each of his clients face-to-face to directly benefit from his expertise, experience, contacts, and industry-wide knowledge.

Manhattan Admissions Advisors Score

Manhattan Admissions Advisors Review

The firm’s best score is a 4 in web presence, reflecting its Google organic ranking of 13. However, it receives a score of 1 in reputation with no known independent third-party reviews confirmed. Additionally, it receives a 1 in combined institutional knowledge, with 0 years of cumulative college admission officer experience of its team. As an educational influencer, it receives a 1, highlighting its lack of a social media presence. Further, it receives a 2 in results because its results are not known or advertised. It receives a 0 in the quality of the team with no former admissions officers and a 2 in the size of the team, with a limited team of four consultants.


Combined, Manhattan Admissions Advisors receives a 1.57 across all categories.

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