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Moon Prep

Moon Prep was founded in 2011 by Founder and CEO Kristen Moon. Moon Prep is comprised of a team of experienced college counselors that guide students through the entire application process, providing one-on-one customized attention. It seems to operate remotely across the United States, providing a full scope of college consulting services. Its main focus is on BS/MD, Medical School, Ivy League, Undergraduate, and Graduate School Admissions. In contrast to the majority of college consulting companies, Moon Prep focuses on medical admissions, dental programs, medical residency, and other healthcare-related fields.

About Company

With a strong medical focus, a significant portion of the Moon Prep team is committed to assisting applicants gain admission to institutions in the medical field. According to its website, Moon Prep specializes in BS/MD, a program guaranteeing admission into medical school. However, it is worth noting that this program is not available in the majority of Ivy League institutions. Therefore, Moon Prep has become familiar in programs and colleges that are less focused than traditionally targeted by college admissions consulting companies. This allows students to ease some of the pressure of separately applying to medical school and takes a lot of pressure off of their overall academic journey. Focusing on medical admissions provides Moon Prep with a niche to continue to grow and develop its business. Moon Prep also provides assistance for aspiring researchers, organizes webinars, and has other free online courses for those interested in overcoming the admissions process.

Moon Prep Score

Moon Prep Review

It received a 3 in web presence, with a fourth-page Google organic search result. It receives a 5 in reputation with 84 verified third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results with no available data on outcomes. It receives a 3 in quality of the team with five former college admissions officers. It receives a 4 in size of the team with 24 college consultants. It receives a 3 in combined institutional knowledge with 5 years of combined experience. It receives a 4 as an educational influencer with 219 Twitter followers and 497 YouTube subscribers. Overall, it receives an average score of 3.43 across the seven categories examined.

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