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PrepExpert is an ed-tech company that stemmed from closing a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank TV show. In 2010, it was created by Shaan Patel, a second-generation immigrant from India who grew up in a shabby Las Vegas hotel his parents managed. Though the firm offers college consulting services, its core competency is test prep. It has become one of the nation’s largest test prep providers.

About Company

PrepExpert offers a wide range of virtual testing courses online, most of which are six-week courses for a fee. Shaan Patel has authored eight #1 best-selling SAT and ACT prep books, garnering him significant publicity and clout. He has also appeared regularly in many media outlets to discuss different issues in the educational and testing sector. Compared to the other aspects of its business, PrepExpert’s college consulting division appears relatively thin, with only one employee shown on the firm’s website.


However, they offer expert planning for grades 7-12, expert application guidance, and college admissions consulting. Their admissions consulting includes school selection, planning, test prep, application strategies, editing assistance, and other help. For college admissions, they offer three different packages, including the Flagship Package (25 hours of individual assistance), the Gold Package (40 hours of individual assistance), the Platinum Package (60 hours of individual assistance), and custom packages. The firm also offers different PrepExpert MasterClasses in different K-12 subjects.

PrepExpert Score

PrepExpert Review

PrepExpert receives a stellar score of 5 in reputation, showcasing its 400+ independent third-party reviews online. It also receives an excellent 5 score as an educational influencer, with a robust 10800 YouTube subscribers and 1046 Twitter followers. It fares worse in results, receiving a 2 because little is known about PrepExpert client outcomes. It receives a score of 0 in the quality of the team, with no former admissions officers. It scores a 1 in the size of the team, with only one college consultant on the team.


It receives a 1 in web presence, with a Google organic ranking of 101+ and 1 in combined institutional knowledge, with 0 years of combined industry experience. This demonstrates that the firm’s focus is split between testing and college consulting. Combined, PrepExpert receives a 2.14 score across all areas.

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