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Prepory is a Davie, Florida-based college admissions consulting firm. It was founded by Daniel Santos in 2019 and states it has helped more than 10,000 students since being opened. Prepory has a team of 30 high-quality college admissions and career counseling professionals, according to its website. Prepory claims that 95% of its students are admitted to their top three school choices.

About Company

Prepory’s primary services are college admissions consulting, helping educational institutions increase their quantity of college-bound students, and career coaching guidance. They offer college admissions assistance for transfer applicants, high school students applying for colleges, and other customized services. The Prepory website indicates that they have a different program for each high school grade. They offer both packages and hourly assistance, depending on the needs of their clients. However, it is difficult to fully assess the options because the website wants viewers of the site to register to receive more information.


Also, they place particular emphasis on acceptance to elite colleges and Ivy League schools. Their coaching services are not limited solely to aspiring college students. Rather, they assist professionals, unhappily employed individuals, and other people seeking to improve their lives. In particular, they offer a 90-day program to help with the career search, interview, and job selection process. This is a service generally overlooked by the majority of college admissions consulting firms.

Prepory Score

Prepory Review

Prepory receives its top score of 4 in the size of its team, reflecting its dynamic size of 30 college consultants. It receives solid scores of 3 in reputation (20 independent third-party reviews) and web presence (a Google organic ranking of 41), showing a strong focus in these areas. It receives a dismal score of 0 for the quality of its team, with no former college admissions officers. It receives a 1 for combined institutional knowledge, with 0 years of collective former college admission officer experience in the industry among its team and a 1.5 as an educational influencer, with a meager social media presence. Lastly, it receives a 2 in results, which are largely unknown.


Combined, Prepory receives a 2.07 score.

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