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Princeton College Consulting

Princeton College Consulting

Princeton College Consulting is a New Jersey-based educational consultancy with offices in Princeton, New Jersey, and New York City. It was founded in 2012 by Peter Tilles and Benjamin Caldarelli, both professionals with decades of experience in the educational sector. It claims that in the last four years, 93% of its clients were admitted to their top choice college. Their stated goal is to provide personalized support with expert application assistance.

About Company

Princeton College Consulting focuses on athletic recruiting, prep admissions, graduate admissions, and undergraduate admissions. They offer comprehensive packages and hourly consulting on different aspects of the college admissions process. It also offers a College Admissions Launchpad virtual workshop for high school students and parents to familiarize themselves with the college admissions process. Besides, Princeton College Consulting offers a newsletter for interested parties and a Savvy Applicant Guide that describes the 11 different criteria used by colleges to evaluate applicants.


Princeton College Consulting offers a summer writing course titled, Write Your Way Into College 2022, which focuses on first draft creation, accumulating content, and improving your personal statement. Further, it offers help in creating an art portfolio, testing strategies, interview preparation, letters of recommendation guidance, early acceptance guidance, essay writing assistance, student-athlete consulting, and other services.

Princeton College Consulting Score

Princeton College Consulting Review

It receives a 2 in web presence (Seventh-page Google organic rating). It receives a poor score of 1 with one verified, third-party review. It receives a 2 in results with no known information on outcomes. It receives a 1 in team quality with one identified college consultant. It receives a 3 in team size with six college consultants. It receives a 1 in combined institutional experience with one year of industry experience. It receives a 1.5 as an educational influencer with 106 Twitter followers and 17 YouTube subscribers. Overall, Princeton College Consulting receives a score of 1.57 across all categories.

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