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Quantum Prep

Quantum Prep

Quantum Prep is a college admissions firm servicing Boston, most of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Northwest Rhode Island, and Southern Connecticut. It was founded by educator Solomon Berman in 2011. It provides personalized academic tutoring, test preparation, and admissions consulting to high school and college students. The firm indicates that it has a STEM focus and its strong instructors lead to its clients receiving excellent achievement rates.

About Company

Quantum Prep’s strategy is to act as a community of educators, similar to how it takes a village to raise a child. Because of Quantum Prep’s many Boston-area office locations, it offers numerous in-person tutoring opportunities for career-minded high schoolers, particularly in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. They also offer test preparation services at Boston-area high schools taught on campus during the school day, as part of each high school’s standard curriculum for an additional fee. Additionally, Quantum Prep offers customized test prep tutoring at its offices or at mutually agreed-upon locations. Aside from providing college admission consulting, it offers private high school placement and admissions for students with disabilities. Its college admissions services include a thorough academic review, establishing a college list, navigating early decision (ED) and early action (EA) protocols, financial aid recommendations, student-athlete recruitment support, interview strategies, and other application assistance.

Quantum Prep Score

Quantum Prep Review

Quantum Prep receives a 1 in reputation, with four independent third-party reviews. It scores a 2 in results because student application outcomes are largely unknown. It receives a 0 in the quality of the team, with no known former admissions officers. It receives a 1 in the size of the team (one consultant comprises the team), and a 1 in combined institutional knowledge (0 years of collective college admission officer experience among the staff), reflecting Quantum Prep’s focus on tutoring versus college admissions consulting and the fact that the founder is the only individual listed on the website. Its best score is a 3 in web presence, reflecting a Google organic ranking of 58. Simultaneously, it receives a 2 as an educational influencer, with 0 YouTube subscribers and 293 Twitter followers.

Overall, it receives a 1.43 score across the seven categories examined.

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