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S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting is a Clarksburg, Maryland-based admission consulting firm founded by Sydney Montgomery in 2012. It indicates it has assisted more than 80 families and students in navigating the college admissions process. Its stated objective is to break down systemic barriers in education while placing particular emphasis on diversity.

About Company

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting helps 9-12th grade and law school students reach their full potential in the application process. It works with 9th and 10th-grade students on career management, academic and extracurricular planning, summer programming, study skills, and time-management skills. It works with juniors and seniors on school and major selection, testing assistance, essay review, interview preparation, scholarship search, and financial aid guidance. The firm has also stated a commitment to helping vulnerable communities, including women and minority applicants, particularly those who will be the first in their family to succeed in higher education. Because Sydney Montgomery was the first lawyer in her family, she offers a unique perspective on how to uplift disenfranchised applicants from different races, classes, and religious beliefs. She even holds optional prayer calls as her clients pursue their higher education objectives. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, she has unique knowledge of the law school application process as a minority applicant. The firm works virtually with different clients across the country and worldwide.

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting Score

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting Review

The firm receives a 3 in reputation, with 13 independent third-party reviews. It receives a 2 in results as little data is known in these areas. It receives a dismal 1 in the quality of the team, which does not employ any former college admissions officers. It receives a 1 in combined institutional knowledge, with one year of combined industry experience. Additionally, it garners a 4 in the size of the team, with nine college consultants. It receives a 2 in web presence (Google eighth-page Google organic result) and a 4 as an educational influencer (1,180 YouTube subscribers and 248 Twitter followers), showing a solid social media presence. However, S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting’s strength lies in its commitment to diversity and unique perspective on the college admissions process from the perspective of minority applicants and communities. Combined, it receives a 2.43 score across all categories examined.

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