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Selective College Consulting

Selective College Consulting

Selective College Consulting is a college admissions consulting firm based in Tampa, Florida. It was founded by Robert LeVine in 2013, a Harvard graduate and interviewer. Mr. LeVine has published over 40 articles on college admissions and has lectured nationwide and globally on the subject of college admissions. Selective College Consulting seeks to provide assistance to gain acceptance to top national universities.

About Company

Selective College Consulting offers several packages for students and parents. Its main packages are the Premier Program, Universal Program, and Standard Program, each offering different prices and levels of support for essay assistance, the quantity of school applications, number of client-consultant meetings, and other consulting services. It offers essay help, interview and test preparation, scholarship assistance, school selection assistance, and other consulting services. Aside from these packages, clients can create customized programs according to their academic goals. For international students, the Selective College Consulting website offers a link to a partner firm under the same management team called the University Consultants of America. This website contains virtually the same format and content as the Selective College Consulting website, but the firm appears to use the University Consultants of America site to work with international students. According to the website, Selective College Consulting routinely hosts events on the college admissions process for parents and students, primarily in the Gainesville, Florida area, to boost their community and marketing profile.

Selective College Consulting Score

Selective College Consulting Review

Selective College Consulting receives a 1 in reputation, with only one confirmed independent third-party review. It receives a 2 in results as little is known about the company in these areas. It receives a 0 in the quality of its team with no known former college admissions officers. Its best score is a 3 for the size of its team, which has five college consultants. It receives a 2 in web presence, with its Google organic ranking of 67. Besides, it receives a score of 1 as an educational influencer with virtually no social media presence. Further, it receives a 1 in combined institutional knowledge.


Overall, it receives an average score of 1.43 across the seven categories.

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