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Shemmassian Academic Consulting is a college admissions consulting firm based in San Diego, California. Dr. Shirag Shemmassian, a former USC and UCLA guest lecturer, founded the firm in 2013. The website indicates that 90% of students get into at least one of their top 3 schools. They claim to offer full support, a fast turnaround, and have an unparalleled reputation for quality.

About Company

Shemmassian Academic Consulting provides support to students starting from the 9th grade to prepare them for the college admissions process and select proper high school courses. They offer different college application services for high school juniors and seniors, including a Premium Package (10 schools), a Premium + Package (15 School Package), and an Ivy Package (20 Schools). They offer a free consultation with students and parents to begin the process.


They offer traditional services, such as editing, college selection, managing applications, resume building, interview counseling, and other college application support. According to their website, aside from undergraduate admissions, they specialize in medical admissions (BS/MD, BA/MD, and BS/DO programs), medical residency admissions, and mastering the MCAT. Hence, a significant portion of the Shemmassian Academic Consulting’s website content is allocated to medical admissions, contrary to many firms in the academic consulting industry. Further, their website includes free resources to optimize performance on the MCAT.

Shemmassian Score

Shemmassian Review

Shemmassian receives a strong score of 5 in reputation, attesting to its 246 independent third-party reviews from clients. It receives a 2 in results, as little data is available. It receives a 0 in the quality of the team, with no former admissions consultants, and a 0 in combined institutional knowledge with no known industry knowledge among its team. It receives two more solid scores of 4 in the size of the team (12 college consultants) and in web presence (third-page Google organic search result). It scores a 2.5 as an educational influencer with 39,600 YouTube subscribers and 0 Twitter followers. Overall, Shemmassian Academic Consulting receives a score of 2.5 across all the examined categories.

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2022 Score

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