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Signet Education

Signet Education

Signet Education is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based college consulting firm. They offer services in their Cambridge office as well as work online with their different clients. It was started by two graduates of Harvard College, Andrew Magliozzi and Jay Bacrania, in 2005. They first started their business as a tutoring service, but then expanded into the college admissions sector. Initially, their motto was to not only simply help students finish their homework but to commit to the overall growth and development of students.

About Company

Signet Education offers a wide range of educational services, including test prep, subject tutoring, academic coaching, and college admissions consulting. It specifically offers college admissions consulting services for business school admissions, medical school admissions, graduate admissions, law school admissions, transfer admissions, and other programs. It offers both hourly rates and packages for different college admissions programs.


They also have a highly skilled team that provides academic coaching services, a service rarely emphasized in the industry. These coaches stress proper time management, stress reduction, building confidence, achieving meaningful goals, and developing academic skill-sets. To do this, Signet has amassed a talented team of predominantly Ivy League graduates to provide academic coaching services, a team equivalent in size to their college consulting team.

Signet Education Score

Signet Education Review

Signet Education scores a 4 in reputation, with 26 independent third-party reviews. It scores a 4 in the size of the team, employing 22 consultants. It boasts a 4 in combined institutional knowledge, with ten years of cumulative college admissions officer experience among its team. Its strategic location in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which provides it with a clear Ivy League admission focus.


Their highest score is a 5 in web presence, reflecting a Google organic score of nine. They receive a meager 2 in results as little is known about the results of their clients, while also receiving a 2 for the quality of their team with three former admissions consultants under its payroll. With an average social media presence, they score a 3 as an educational influencer.


Overall, Signet Education scores a 3.43 over the seven categories, a slightly better than average score in the industry.

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