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Solomon Admissions

Solomon Admissions

Solomon Admissions Consulting was founded by two Georgetown Law graduates, Vitaly Borishan and Dan Lee. They each bring over a decade of experience in law, engineering, and college admissions. Dan’s experience in STEM, gained while studying and working as an engineer, and in law, provides him a unique approach to college admissions. Vitaly brings significant experience as a former practicing corporate lawyer with experience working with youth programs. Under their leadership, Solomon has enhanced the college admissions process to make it personalized, strategic, goal-driven, and client-centric.


It offers medical school consulting, MBA admissions consulting, K-12 admissions consulting, transfer applications, packages for college-bound high school students, and other individualized programs. For these clients, it offers essay assistance, strategic positioning consulting, letter of recommendation advice, and other coaching services.

About Company

Solomon is unique because it provides a holistic full service that taps the full potential of applicants. In most organizations, college admissions is viewed as an ending point of a long-standing academic process. Instead, Solomon’s approach views college admissions as the beginning point of an applicant fulfilling their lifelong aspirations to become highly successful global citizens. It uses a highly successful team-based approach with a panel of experts to provide a superior service to a diverse range of clients.


Therefore, Solomon’s positioning strategy reflects its desire to organically strategize and tap into applicant potential. Solomon consultants ensure that student essays, teacher recommendation letters, activity sheets, addendums, and interviews support this positioning strategy and fully maximize an applicant’s strengths and positive characteristics. Though Solomon Admissions Consulting is based in New York City, it primarily operates remotely and offers the same services to clients throughout the United States and abroad regardless of geographic location. 

Solomon Admissions Score

Solomon Admissions Consulting Review

With a team of over 50 top-tier former college admissions officers and a highly skilled editing team, Solomon has made its name as a go-to firm in the industry. Its high college acceptance rates, particularly at top U.S. universities, make it stand out in a deeply competitive industry, garnering it a 5 in the results category.


Moreover, it receives a 5 in reputation (80 online reviews identified), 5 in combined institutional knowledge (278 years of combined experience), a 5 in the quality of the team (58 college admissions officers), and received a 4 in the size of the team (58 consultants identified). By only having 5,750 YouTube subscribers and 90 Twitter followers, it receives a 3 as an educational influencer. However, it receives a 5 for its strong web presence in search results. Overall, Solomon received a 4,57 score when averaging all seven different categories. It offers a life-changing experience for clients, helping them build their future for decades to come, connecting motivated students and top-notch consultants.

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