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Think Prep NY

Founded in 2001. Think Prep NY has been in business for approximately 20 years, with branches in Manhattan, New York and Bayside, Queens. Hence, it conveniently serves four boroughs of New York City - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island - and New Jersey. It provides college consulting, college interview preparation, SAT & ACT test preparation, high school and middle school educational development programs, private high school consulting, and other customized educational assistance for the entirety of student’s educational journeys, from middle school to graduate school. It also offers assistance in medical school, business school, and STEM major admissions.

About Company

Given that this company is registered as SOMYUNG USA LLC, displays a Korean website, and has many bilingual Korean-English employees, Think Prep seems to display a strong Asia focus. Additionally, it places a particular focus on STEM programs, programming, the greater East Asia region, and other educational preferences in the Asian community. It offers outside courses and summer programs in programming, writing, foreign languages, test preparation, mathematics, and STEM fields for aspiring college students. Its stated goals are to create a “gifted and talented world-class leader with cultural ethics, brilliant ideas, and strong leadership.” Thus, it emphasizes social change, volunteerism, and the role of individual identity in an increasingly competitive, diversity-centric, and identity-driven college admissions process. Its vibrant presence in the heart of New York makes it desirable for wealthy New Yorkers and foreigners seeking to top into the U.S. higher education system. This allows Think Prep to fill a vital niche in the college consulting sector in the greater New York City metropolitan area and Asia. According to its website, Think Prep employs approximately four college consultants and a team of instructors or tutors in different academic disciplines. To attract potential customers, it offers different customized programs for middle school and high school students to reach children at the early stages of their educational development, while continuing to offer consulting services as these students reach university age.

Think Prep NY Score

Think Prep NY Review

Think Prep fares best in web presence and team size, receiving 4 in both categories. It receives a 2 in results as its student outcomes are largely unknown and not publicly available. Its social media presence is also extremely limited with a mere 50 Twitter followers and no known YouTube presence. It receives a 1 in reputation (4 online reviews identified), team quality (few former college admissions readers and officers), and combined institutional knowledge. Likely, this can be explained because Think Prep seems to favor subject experts versus former college admissions officers. Overall, Think Prep garners an average score of 2 which is an average overall experience for aspiring college students. Nonetheless, it maintains a strong presence in the Korean community and the New York metropolitan area.

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