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TopTier Admissions

Top Tier Admissions

Top Tier Admissions has been in business for approximately 20 years, founded by Dr. Michele Hernández and Mimi Doe, EdM. Top Tier Admissions has offices in Concord, MA, just outside of Boston, and in Weybridge, VT. The company resulted from the merging of Dr. Michele Hernandez’s company Hernandez College Consulting and Mimi Doe’s Application Boot Camp. They are known for holding a 4-day Admissions Boot Camp in Boston, generally in the summer, where children, both foreign and domestic, are prepared for the college admission process and test prep strategies. Top Tier Admissions works with 8th grade through graduate students at different stages of their academic journey. Their main products are the Essay Guidance Package, Common Application 911 Package, and the Personal Boot Camp Package.

About Company

This organization is unique because it seeks to prepare prospective students for top colleges, through college boot camps, their core competency. This provides a support system to build up clients, particularly high school students, who will later navigate the college admissions and testing process. Simultaneously, this business strategy builds relationships, resulting in further cooperation and business. Though the company is based in the Northeast United States, they predominantly work remotely aside from their in-person boot camps. Like most college consultancies, they employ a diverse group of ten former college admissions readers, editors, and counselors, predominantly from well-renowned U.S. colleges and universities. 

Top Tier Admissions Score

Top Tier Admissions Review

Top Tier Admissions fares the worst in reputation, receiving a score of 0 because no online reviews on independent third-party sites could be located. Like most college consultancies, it is difficult to assess their results due to confidentiality in the industry. Hence, they receive a meager 2 for results based on existing data. They receive a 2 in the quality of the team with three formers admissions officers on their team. Regarding web presence and their ability to be an educational influencer, they receive a satisfactory score of 3 because they maintain an organic google ranking of 45, while having a meager 10 YouTube subscribers and 1512 Twitter followers, significantly less than other industry leaders. Therefore, they have little influence on the evolution of the college consulting industry. In contrast, they fare best in combined institutional knowledge with 30 years of combined former college admission officer experience. Also, they score well in the size of the team with a score of 4 with ten consultants on their team. Overall, Top Tier Admissions receives a score of 2.71, putting them in the medium range for the industry, providing students and parents with a satisfactory experience compared to other firms.

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