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Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors was created by CEO Chuck Cohn, who was inspired by several influential tutors he had in high school. During this time, he realized that technology was rapidly developing and explored how technology could be better applied to help students improve their performance and outcomes. The goal of Varsity Tutors was to provide tutoring services in a convenient and interactive way through the use of cutting-edge technology platforms. 

About Company

Though Varsity Tutors provides college consulting functions, its core competency is tutoring through the combination of employing highly-credentialed experts with an advanced technology platform. It offers tutoring in more than 3000 fields. For instance, it offers courses in art, chess, coding, early childhood learning, languages, music, STEM subjects, and a wide array of test prep. It also offers assistance to students in AP classes, math classes, and other challenging courses for you, middle school, and high school learners. For its admissions consulting business, Varsity Tutors compiled a highly experienced team of former admissions officers from top-tier and Ivy League Schools.


The main strategy of the company seems to use its core business of tutoring through technology platforms to attract clients to its large college consulting business. It offers tutoring by grade level, subject, and other relevant categories. Its website indicates that they maintain a physical presence in approximately 20 metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. This allows Varsity Tutors to have a massive geographic reach and achieve recognition nationwide in the educational sector. However, it lacks the “boutique-like” atmosphere of smaller and more localized educational consultancies.

Varsity Tutors Score

Varsity Tutors Review

​Varsity Tutors receives a 4 in web presence, receiving a third-page Google organic search result. It receives a 5 in reputation as it has received 7500+ online reviews. However, these reviews seem to cover their business operations in a wide range of disciplines. They receive a 2 in results as their outcomes are largely unknown. The team quality is a 0 with no known former admissions officers. Also, their combined institutional knowledge is 0. They receive a score of 5 as an educational influencer with 6,526 Twitter followers and 13,400 YouTube subscribers. Hence, they attain a significant level of internet and social media presence, considering their nationwide operations and corporate-like structure. Overall, they received a combined score of 2.43, a mediocre showing.

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