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Veritas Prep


Veritas Prep was created in 2002 by Yale students Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg. Since starting Veritas Prep, they moved their headquarters from their Yale apartment in New Haven to Calabasas, California, an affluent Southern California suburb of Los Angeles.


Since beginning business, Veritas Prep claims to have helped more than 500,000 students and assisted countless students attain Ivy League admissions. Since its creation, the firm has rapidly expanded, primarily because of its effective use of internet technology to provide test prep courses.

About Company

According to their website, Veritas Prep has two main focuses; test preparation services and academic admissions consulting. However, it puts more emphasis on test prep than the majority of college admissions consulting companies, given that it has constructed its own testing strategies and methodology, test prep materials, practice tests, and other techniques. Specifically, it offers test preparation courses in SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and MBA admissions. It offers assistance in undergraduate, graduate, transfer, and MBA admissions consulting, as well as advice on school selection, financial aid, essay writing, and test-taking.


It appears that Veritas Prep places particular emphasis on MBA admissions and undergraduate admissions since these areas are emphasized on their website. To improve test scores, students can choose between individualized tutoring, live classes, or self-study materials available on the Veritas Prep website. On the college admissions side, it offers consulting services starting from programs for 7th-grade students to prepare them for the college admissions process.

Veritas Prep Score

Veritas Prep Review

Veritas Prep received a perfect score of 5 for reputation, with 418 independent third-party reviews, and a 5 in combined institutional knowledge (36 years of cumulative industry knowledge among its team), showing its strong nationwide brand, particularly as a test prep company. It receives a solid score of 4 for the quality of the team (nine former admissions officers), the size of the team (13 college consultants employed), and its web presence (Google organic ranking of 19). It receives a 5 as an education influencer, given its deep presence on social media, boasting 39,000 YouTube subscribers and 49,500 Twitter followers. Overall, Veritas Prep receives a strong score of 4,14, a solid achievement in a competitive industry.

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